Accessible Attorney with Integrity and Imagination
When you have a legal issue, you want a lawyer who gives you personal attention.
Robin Cravey understands.  What’s on your mind?

  • To probate an estate, he will guide the executor through the process with dignity.
  • For estate planning, he will advise you and draft your will, trusts, and powers of attorney.
  • In real estate, you may be a buyer, a seller, a landholder, or a lienholder. 
    He will help you work out and document your agreements.  
  • Just call 512-236-9655.
  • To register for a free workshop, click here.

  • Our next Losses and Legacies Workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, July 31.
  • FAQ: Can an executor get paid for his work on the estate?
  • NEW VIDEO: The day after a lively public workshop, Robin recalls one of the questions and talks about the duties and powers of an executor.

Austin, Travis County, Texas