Attorney & Counselor at Law
Whether you need a sage advisor to analyze your situation, or a bold advocate to represent you, Robin Cravey is your guide to the milestones of middle-class life.  He brings a poet's humanity, a businessman's practicality, and a cab-driver's savvy to the logic of the law.
When Robin Cravey sits down to consult with you, he gives you his full attention.  He considers your issue in every dimension.  When he speaks, he speaks with knowledge and understanding.  And when he acts on your behalf, he acts with energy and authority.
The Law Office runs as a highly organized team, guided by methodical procedures that have been developed over years, animated by dedication to client service, and regulated by constant attention to time and detail.

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Areas of Practice
Estate planning
The Will is the basic document for estate planning.  In Texas, the Will can be handwritten, or printed and signed with two witnesses.  This is the document that will provide clarity and direction to those who must carry out your wishes after you are gone.

Probate of an Estate
Death in the family brings grief, a gathering of kinfolks, and the need to arrange burial, lodgings, meals. Then the real work begins. If there is a will, then the executor named in the will knows his or her duty. If there is no will, then someone in the family must step forward as fiduciary.

Real Property
Social relationships are often based on our relationship to property.  And the most important property of all is land and the improvements on it, that thing we call ‘real estate.’ Keeping the title to real estate straight is one of the chief functions of government. You can make it work for you by employing good contracts and deeds.