Cassandra Cowan, Administrative Assistant
Cassandra Cowan, Cassie for short, was born in Galveston, Texas, and raised in Houston. She is the mother of two beautiful young children, and they are her heart and soul. Cassie is currently attending Stephen F. Austin University online to obtain a degree in business. Previously, she has worked for Apple doing technical support, and has held other various positions in customer service and office support over the course of her professional career. Cassie moved to Austin, Texas recently to take the role as Administrative Assistant for our law practice.

Considering herself to be a people person, Cassie loves interacting with them at every given opportunity. She enjoys reading immensely but can hardly find the time to hold a book in her hand. Often she will instead listen to audio books in the car to enjoy her passion. Her favorite authors range greatly, from Fyodor Dostoevsky to Sylvia Plath and even J. K. Rowling. She values honesty and integrity above all else, and hopes to convey these values to those who surround her as often as possible.

Cassie is excited about the work that she is doing here at the law office, and enjoys working with Robin and Fran immeasurably. Her favorite thing about working here thus far is the invaluable relationships that she is building with both coworkers and clients. She also delights in the feeling that she is an integral part of the operation and knowing that she has the ability to make a difference by working here.

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