Robin Cravey –
poet, citizen, lawyer.

Robin Cravey began practicing law in 1998, after years spent as a cabdriver, journalist, publisher, editor, city hall aide. He began as a solo practitioner, and he remains a solo practitioner, devoting his practice to estate planning, probate, and real estate. He says, “I’m happy to find that my clients are just responsible people trying to do the right thing. I like a representation that ends with a court hearing or a signing ceremony after which everyone smiles.”

A sixth-generation Texas and a lifelong poet, Robin was born in Houston and raised by hard-working parents in a loving household. His books include I am a Comet, Poems from a Houston boyhood, and Benchmarks, a Year of Sundays on the Lady Bird Lake Trail. His forthcoming book, Watermarks, Hiking, Writing, Dreaming on the Barton Creek Trail, is in serial publication in the Austin Sierran.

Robin was married to Jane Kurzawa Cravey for 42 years, and they have two daughters, Emma and Molly. Apart, Robin and Jane remain best of friends. Emma is a director at Earthshare of Texas, Inc. Molly is a graduate student in archaeology.

Robin is, by turns, an avid hiker, bicyclist, swimmer and camper. He has pitched his tent in campgrounds throughout Texas. Besides hiking on camping trips, Robin has hiked regularly along the Barton Creek Trail, the Town Lake Trail, and other Austin trails. He swam every morning at Barton Springs Pool for many years, and volunteered countless hours for its maintenance and preservation.

Robin ran for city council on the commonsense ticket, and he spoke up for great parks, affordable housing, and public transit.

Robin recently revived his passion for bicycling and bought an electric bicycle (pedal assist), which he rides everywhere. He now divides his time between Austin and Providence, Rhode Island. He calls himself a climate migrant. Providence is a great bicycle town, and Robin loves to cruise down the East Bay Bike Path on mild summer days. He’s also getting to know the Acela train line from Providence to Baltimore, where he flies back and forth to Austin.

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