Robin Cravey on the trail

Robin Cravey –
poet, outdoorsman, citizen, lawyer.

Born and raised in Houston, Robin is a sixth-generation Texan who came to Austin in 1969 to attend UT.  Since then he drove a taxi, hitchhiked around, edited small-town newspapers, married Jane Kurzawa, raised two daughters (Emma and Molly), volunteered way too much, published books, ran a business, fought city hall, worked at city hall, ran a small law office, ran for public office, led environmental organizations, and went wild. 

He loves camping in state parks, hiking the lake and creek trails, zipping through Austin streets in his Miata with the top down, swimming in Barton Creek, working on his MacBook, drinking pints with friends at the beer joint, sliding pen over paper, and reading from real books.  He plans to buy a new Stetson for the spring.

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